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End of Year School Trip K-5

Our annual trip to the pool has been booked! Free for current students, parents and siblings can pay their own way to the pool if they would like to join us. Please contact the front office for more information.

Art Walk

Our annual Art & Music event!! Bring a dish to share for dinner, walk through the students' art work, and listen to their musical selections. Always a fun time with the family and community.

BOD Meeting

**This is a CHANGE from the original Friday, April 13th date**


  **This post wasn't initiated by any one specific event. A note that I had written down a while ago was that anything we say at school won't matter if the relationship at home isn't one based on encouragement. I aim to break that down in this particular post. This…

Community Yard Sale

Come join us for a yard sale! If you would like to donate items to the school for the school to sell, please bring them the week of April 2nd. Alternatively, you can rent a table for $10 and keep the proceeds of what you sell. All proceeds the school…


  We are back from Spring Break! My spring break was spent at a lodge at the southern end of Olympic National Park in Washington State. I came back from that trip (little to no cell service, lousy wifi, and lots of time with nature... the introvert in me misses…

Science Fair

More information to come. Plan on swinging by the school on Friday, March 23 to visit this year's Science Fair!

Spring Break 2018

Spring Break will be NEXT WEEK for Pinellas County! It will be a great time for relaxing, having fun, being together... and depending on the family, arguing, griping, complaining, and nagging. WAIT WHAT?? That's not what we wish for for our families. Our goal at Alfred Adler is to build…
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