Our Family Ed Nights

We have always believed that in order for our families to get the best experience at our school, we needed to share what we knew about the philosophy with the parents. This allows for continuity between school and home; it also (hopefully) increases encouragement and positive relationships at home. In years past we have always offers Family Ed Nights once a month, where we discuss some aspect of Adlerian philosophy, and open the floor for discussion on things going on at home. It is amazing when you get any group of people together, how common certain problems are. It is comforting to know that you are never alone.

This year we have the unique opportunity to partner with theĀ Alfred Adler Family Education Center. Greg and Lori are now offering these Family Ed Nights once a week on Thursdays; once a month the Family Ed Nights are actually game nights, where we have the students with us to play a game or read books together. Again, the goal is to improve relationships and work on encouraging each other.

This Thursday is about equality. We will often let parents and our students know that we are equal but not the same. What does that mean exactly? Why is that an important view point? How does that translate in the class? What about in the family? In society?

Family Ed Nights are held at school, either in the Fellowship Hall or in one of the classrooms, form 6:30pm-8pm. Child care is free for all current and prospective students of Alfred Adler Charter School. We invite others in the community to attend and learn something new.

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