Florida Adlerian Society Conference

9am – 4:30pm at the Safety Harbor Spa on Saturday, March 3rd,2018
Discounted Price for Families of Children at Alfred Adler: $20

(See Ms. Yuri for more details.)

A morning with Kathleen A. Walton, childcare expert and author of
The Courageous Parent. The presenter will discuss ways of
fostering cooperation and responsibility in the classroom and at
The afternoon with Francis X. Walton, PhD, psychologist. The
presenter will explain and demonstrate an approach effective for
families to increase cooperation, social interest and create
democracy in the home.
Kathleen A. Walton and Francis X. Walton, Ph.D. founded
Adlerian Child Care Centers, Inc. in 1974 in South Carolina. The
Waltons established the centers because they wanted to provide
parents with a child development program that would apply Alfred
Adler’s child rearing philosophy and techniques in the teaching
and guidance of children. They bring a wealth of knowledge and
expertise in applying Adler’s concepts. Please join them for this
rare opportunity.

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