Trust Movement


Thought for the day: “Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement.” (Alfred Adler)

Tim Evans of Carter and Evans used to always tell us to watch the tongue of the shoe, not the tongue of the mouth. The image that stuck in my mind is when he’s telling someone he’ll always be there for them, call on him any time, yes, I support you, etc etc… all the while he’s walking backwards and out the door.

The quote and the idea makes me stop and think: somewhere in my life, am I saying one thing, but my actions are clearly stating the opposite? Actually, yes, I can very clearly think of at least one example.


What about you? Do you say one thing, but are acting in the opposite way? Do your actions match your words? Overall? In a specific incident? With specific people? How does that encourage yourself? The others involved? What does it to the relationship? These are the questions I ask myself, and I ask you in return. None of us are perfect, in fact, the courage to be imperfect is a whole other topic of discussion. But it’s at least something to think about, and perhaps allow us to move a little closer to Adler’s idea of social interest (again, another post for another day).

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