Mission Statement

Alfred Adler Charter School strives to reach students who would best benefit from a highly academic, open ended model, structured around a democratic approach, giving students both the choice and responsibility for their education, along with the guidance and support from parents and teachers.

Alfred Adler Charter School opened in fall of 2008, inspired by the works and teachings of Alfred Adler (individual psychology).  We were committed to building a school community, where children would feel a sense of belonging, encouraged to make their contribution, and have a voice to express themselves. You will not find any behavior charts, treasure boxes, or colored stars in any of our classrooms. Our students practice problem solving, not just with each other, but with adults as well.   They come to understand that with their freedom to choose, also comes the respomsibility for the impact that their choice has on the larger community.  One of Adler’s core concepts, was that of social interest.  We teach and model this concept in our school community.  It means that we are all equal in our worth, and that our concern for the wellbeing of one another is paramount in building a thriving and positive community.

School Staff Expectations

  • Provide a high quality education that not only meets and exceeds the Florida State Standards, but encourages student engagement, team work and creative problem solving
  • Provide a safe space in our classrooms and our school community, where studensts feel a sense of belonging and know they count.  A caring environment that allows each individual to know they are equal in their worth and their individual and collective contribution matters.
  • Communicate with parents by providing relevant feedback regarding their child’s accomplishments, challenges and progress in school
  • Provide various ways for students to participate in their education and demonstrate their learning
  • Provide ongoing training and support to parents so that they may help their students in all areas of their development and in building a communiy that encourages learning and connecting relationships.

Student Expectations

  • Devote themselves to their education by actively engaging and participating in their ongoing learning, group projects and presentations.   
  • Demonstrate effort and improvement year to year.
  • Take responsibility for their individual and group assignments and the completion of these assignments in an agreed upon time. 
  • Follow the School Code of Conduct and the Stop/Go System

Parent Expectations

  • Ensure their students are at school and on time every day unless an absence is medically necessary
  • Take an active role in their student’s education by staying engaged, involved and informed.  As much as their schedule allows, pariticipate in school events.
  • Attend a minimum of three Family Education Workshops.  One workshop is required to fulfill enrollment requirents, in order to ensure continuity and alignment between school and home. 
  • Attend any scheduled meeting to discuss possible challenges for their student and plans for solutions
  • Contribute ten hours per family per year to the school by volunteering for one or two school events, and helping teachers with projects that can be done from home.