Mission Statement

Alfred Adler Charter School strives to reach students who would best benefit from a highly academic, open ended model, structured around a democratic approach, giving students both the choice and responsibility for their education along with the guidance and support from parents and teachers.



Alfred Adler Charter School opened in fall of 2008, inspired by the works of Alfred Adler (individual psychology), Rudolf Dreikurs (goals of misbehavior), and William Glasser (choice theory). We wanted a school where children felt a sense of belonging, were encouraged, and had a voice to express themselves. You will not find any behavior charts, treasure boxes, or colored stars in any of our classrooms. Our students practice problem solving, not just with each other, but with adults as well; they learn that every choice has a consequence; and they take on ownership, and pride, of their classrooms and school.



School Staff Expectations

  • Provide a high quality education that meets and exceeds the Florida Sunshine State Standards
  • Do everything in our abilities to provide a safe and caring environment
  • Communicate with parents about their child’s progress in school
  • Provide various ways for students to participate in their education and demonstrate their learning
  • Provide ongoing training and support to parents so that they may help their students


Student Expectations

  • Devote themselves to their education
  • Complete assignments in a timely manner
  • Follow the School Code of Conduct and the Stop Go System


Parent Expectations

  • Ensure their students are at school and on time every day unless an absence is medically necessary
  • Take an active role in their student’s education by staying in contact with school staff
  • Contribute twenty hours per family per year to the school, by volunteering for one or two school events, helping teachers with projects that can be done from home, and/or by participating in Family Education Workshops offered at the school. One workshop is encouraged prior to enrollment, for parents to better understand the philosophy of the school.