Hello, everyone! My name is Yuri Yamashita, and I am the principal at Alfred Adler Charter School. I taught at Alfred Adler from August 2008- June 2015 – everything from kindergarten to fifth grade (the only grade I never taught was 2nd). I have been learning about the Adlerian philosophy since 2005. I also attended the board meetings on a monthly basis while I was teaching.

I returned to Alfred Adler in March 2016 to start taking over as principal. I am happy to be back among the families and community that I spent the last eight years with. Some of the families I have actually known since 2005 when I started at the preschool just down the street!

Parents have suggested that I include information about my academic background. I have a bachelor’s degree in marine science (from Eckerd College), and a master’s in elementary education (from USF). I promise it was a logical progression – I realized the summer before my senior year of college that research was not what I wanted to do. I knew my other option was to teach, so I spent the fall semester volunteering in different grade levels. I did not enjoy high school classes or middle school classes, however I fell in love with the pre-k class I worked with. The rest, as they say, is history.

When I asked some of the students what other people needed to know about me, they told me to make sure to write about my animals. I have four animals at home – two dogs (Kai, pictured left and 11 years old, and Mia, pictured above, and 10 years old), and two cats (Xenophilius, 2 years old, and Bunny, the baby of the family). If you recognize the name, yes, I enjoy Harry Potter. Bunny was a failed foster (thankfully her five kittens were all adopted), and got her name due to her being  a manx (and not having a tail).

If I am not at school or home, I am most likely at the workout studio. I strongly believe in having a life outside of school, and that applies to my teachers, as well as the students, which makes us all more balanced and more encouraged for when we do get together during the school day.

My plan for the school is to stay true to our original purpose of offering a place that encourages students and build a sense of community. We will continue to have fun, laugh, and learn together! I am looking forward to another eight years or more with the Alfred Adler Otters!


Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Ms. Yuri