About Mrs. Sherrill

Welcome to 2nd Grade: *Merfolk*,

My name is Mrs. Sherrill, and I teach 1st and 2nd grade. I look forward to guiding your child to a year of exciting learning and achievement.

First and second grade are challenging and exciting years in the life of a child. In my classroom, we have fun while learning. We are a family and support each other, learning together, working together, and celebrating together. I also believe that every child has a gift, unwrapping those gifts and helping the students let them shine, is my gift. The excitement I feel when a child reaches and surpasses a milestone is beyond amazing. This is why I love to teach. These smiles, twinkling eyes, hugs, and knowing that I am making a difference.

To me teaching is one of the most important careers, as teachers hold the future in their hands. It is our responsibility, as teachers to guide the students in a manner in which excites them, motivates them, and engages them, as well as one which meets their needs and learning styles. I hope to be a teacher who will be remembered as caring for her students, and going the distance to help guide them to their potential, while instilling in them the love of learning.

Mrs. Sherrill                                                                                                            

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