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7 Caring Habits

After some rather negative self-talk yesterday morning, I realized I needed to change the way I spoke to myself. I was stressed and under pressure to get things done (whether real or self-imposed is another issue), and I stopped to think - if I am feeling this way, I am…

Thanksgiving Celebration

Come join us for our annual Thanksgiving Celebration on Friday, November 18, 2016. Parent volunteers will be needed as early as 9am. Class presentations will start at 11am. Thanksgiving lunch will be served at 12pm. Parent volunteers will be needed to help with clean up after lunch. Please let Ms.…

School Photos

Christine will be taking individual, sibling, and class photos starting at 8am! Students are encouraged to wear a favorite outfit. They may bring a change of clothes with them if they so desire. Proofs of the photos will happen November 16-18. You may purchase photo packages at that time.
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