Alfred Adler Charter School is a K-8 school  located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Our classroom management style is one of the many things , that sets us apart from a traditional school. You will  not see any behavior charts, treasure boxes, or colored stars in any of our classes. Instead, you will see weekly classroom meetings, school wide meetings and students actively problem solving with each other.  They are learning to take both an interest in, as well as the responsibility for what happens in their classroom and their school. The reason is quite simple, because it is their community as much as it is anyone’s. The leadership team along with the teachers set the boundaries; within those boundaries, students choose their path.  We practice freedom with order, which means that we work as a team.  Coming up with agreements and problem solving together helps us build the type of community we desire.   We want our studnets to be independent thinkers, but work together by engaging in the give and take of cooperative classrooms.  We encourage our students to challenge themselves in all areas and recognize that mistakes are necessary learning experiences that do not take away from their individual worth.

Students are the driving force of their own education. Students work independently and in groups as the teacher provides direct instruction in a small group setting.  In small groups, we can focus on each student and their specific needs in various skill areas.  Teachers also provide both scaffolding and guidance during group projects.  Students understand that school is a place of learning.  We understand that learning needs to be engaging, creative, innovative, hands-on and multi-faceted with students as co-learners and co-teachers.

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Open Enrollment for the current school year was from January 4, 2021 through 3pm January 29, 2021. All applicants were notified of their status at the beginning of February, 2021. If you applied and have not heard from us, please call or email at the contact information below.

Currently Available Space

Please contact us for available space for 2021-2022.

Open Enrollment for 2022-23

Open enrollment for 2022-23 will run 8am, January 4, 2022 through 3pm, January 31, 2022. During this time all applications will be accepted – tours are still done during this time. Notification of a secured spot for 2022-23 will occur within the first full week of February 2022. If there are more applications than spots available, then a random lottery drawing will be announced. Preference is given to kids with siblings already attending Alfred Adler Charter School.

**Current families will be asked to fill out an intention form to secure their spot for 2021-2022. This will determine how many open seats in each class we have.**

Looking to apply?

Alfred Adler Charter School Application 2022-2023

Alfred Adler Charter School Application 2021-2022

Please contact us at (727) 329-9545 or for further information.

Tours are by appointment only.